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Rohde Nielsen A/S is a worldwide operating dredging and marine contractor.
With a large fleet of shallow draft dredgers Rohde Nielsen is particularly well equipped to provide dredging and related services for pipeline landfalls. In addition, the company operates trailing dredgers fitted out for offshore trenching and other seabed preparation works.

Rohde Nielsen's services for the offshore sector include:

  • Landfall dredging, trench dredging and backfilling
  • Cofferdam installation and pipepull
  • Near shore subsea gravel and rock placing
  • Offshore seabed preparation works


The top image show The pipepull set up for the two Nordstreamgaspipelines (contractor Saipem Ltd, employer Nordstream AG) with two 500 mton lineair winches.


Backhoe dredger, Mjølner R, in action


Trench backfilling by trailing suction hopper dredger (tshd), Magni R by pumping coarse sand and gravel material through a floating pipeline to a dynamic positioned spreader pontoon.


Offshore survey works by the multibeam system of tshd, Njord R, which also has Dynamic Positioning. She is therefore very suitable for operating dredging offshore, doing dredging works and keeping track of her own work.

Tshd, Balder R, is the sister vessel of Njord R, which is prepared for DP and multibeam survey as well.


Accurate trench dredging by the bucket ladder dredger, Ajax R, for the German Landfall of the Nordstream gas pipelines. Rohde Nielsen used for 27 km of pipeline trenching and backfilling a range of equipment: bucket ladder dredgers, Ajax R and Frigg R, backhoe dredger, Mjølner R, trailing suction hopper dredgers, Trud R, Modi R, Magni R, Sif R, and a range of auxiliary vessels.


Trench dredging and cofferdam installation at the East Coast of England for the York Field Development Project (contractor, Saipem – employer, Centrica).

Rohde Nielsen employed two large backhoe dredgers for 7 km trench dredging and backfilling in stiff boulder clay, trailing suction hopper dredger, Njord R for pre-sweep dredging and offshore survey works and shallow draft tshd, Trud R to carry out trench maintenance dredging.

Offshore Services

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