Beach Nourishment

Climate change and the expected rise in the sea level mean that coast management requires our full attention. Coastal erosion results not only in the loss of land to the sea, but also in the reduction of the freshwater reservoirs under the dunes and therefore an adverse impact on flora and fauna.
Beach nourishment is probably the best management tool that protects and controls coastal development without degrading the beach. Preserving or restoring a sandy beach has direct beneficial impacts on recreational opportunities and property values.

Rohde Nielsen A/S applies three methods of protecting the coast in the most environmentally friendly way.
Pumping sand on the beach using a floating or submerged pipelineThe Rainbow Method – pumping dredged material directly out over the bow of the ship to the fore shoreAnd dumping close to the shore using split hopper dredgers

These methods are highly suitable for the natural variation in coastal profiles. Each of these techniques, alone or in combination, are also adaptable to changing seabed profiles, currents, sea state and sand quality for maximum effectiveness.

The coastline of Northern Europe has some of the most exposed coasts on the continent; a perfect area for testing new coastal defence methods and learning how to build with the nature and not against it.

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